Capstone Hospitality is an industry-leading sales & staffing firm specializing in membership sales for private clubs.  With roots deeply embedded in the hospitality industry, we know what it takes to ensure your business succeeds.  

We partner with clubs and organizations across North America, bringing each a customized sales plan, renewed energy, and competitive spirit.  


Hiring Capstone Hospitality guaranteed large membership growth and stability for our clubs nationwide!
— Susan Dunnavant, COO - Concert Golf Partners

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Capstone Hospitality not only organized our membership department, they transformed the culture of the entire club. The sales team at Capstone Hospitality tapped into markets we never expected to see which created an increase in membership revenues by over 175% from the previous year. The team at Capstone Hospitality’s relentless sales abilities coupled with their member service standards are second to none. Hiring Capstone Hospitality was the best thing we could have done for our club, we are now set up for long-term success.
Thank you Capstone Hospitality!
— David DeMay , General Manager | The Golf Club of Amelia Island


Brian Friederichs, CEO of Capstone Hospitality, on Private Club Radio Show

In this episode, Brian discusses what he saw at clubs while playing on tour as a professional golfer, why clubs struggle to get new members, and Capstone Hospitality's unique solution. Brian also shares one thing clubs can do immediately to increase membership sales. 

The Legacy Club at Alaqua Lakes | Longwood, FL

The Legacy Club at Alaqua Lakes | Longwood, FL

The Club at Naples Bay Resort | Naples, FL

The Club at Naples Bay Resort | Naples, FL


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