Who We Are

Capstone Hospitality, founded in 2009 by CEO Brian Friederichs, is driven by our mission to ensure that clubs thrive.  We know that a flourishing membership sales department is foundational to long-term club prosperity.  

Through years of work in the private club industry and professional play on international and domestic golf tours, Friederichs saw first-hand the need for clubs to have a strong membership base.  With attrition a reality faced by clubs, we know that acquiring and retaining members requires a dynamic approach to membership sales.

The Capstone Sales Team is comprised of our highly-trained, professional, and driven sales staff focused on increasing membership sales for your club.  We utilize our proven sales and lead generating methods to penetrate untouched markets through research, outreach, and teamwork.

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Brian Friederichs | CEO

Brian Friederichs has 15+ years of hospitality experience.  He has held a passion for the game of golf since first introduced to it at age 9.  Brian played college golf at Florida Gulf Coast University where he received a Bachelors of Science in Resort & Hospitality Management.  After graduating, he played golf professionally for 4 years on worldwide tours.  While traveling through South, Central and North America, Brian not only fine tuned his golf game but also his knowledge of the industry.  After seeing a need for golf and country clubs to change the way they approach membership development, he formed Capstone Hospitality.  


Eddie Peckels

Membership Sales 

Robert McCartney

Membership Sales

Tyler Vandermeulen

Membership Sales


Abbey Goss

Catering & Events Sales



Membership Sales


Rob Bennett 

Membership Sales 

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Jim Tumminello

Business DevelopmenT Director 

Greg RotzelL

Membership Sales


Brian Albertazzi

Membership Sales

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Membership Sales

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Kyle D'Andrea

Membership Sales


Chad Sipka

Membership Sales


Sean Welsh

Membership Sales


Hannah Glusenkamp

Operations Director


Sean Whiting

Membership Sales


Adam Shamsie

Membership Sales


Julie Pickens

Events Sales


Rich Hall

Membership Sales


Emily Faulkner

Sales and Marketing Intern